Women’s Bags – New Trends 2021

The fashion and style trends of 2021 are now consolidated and are preparing to make their appearance in everyday life and in exclusive environments within a few weeks. The world of women’s accessories has consequently adapted by tracing and recalling the new lines of taste and style to create, among other things, new collections of women’s bags for 2021.

Presented in London, Paris and Milan on the occasion of events and fashion weeks, the main trend is an increasingly strong demand for a unique accessory, with refined designs and details, which at the same time knows how to best represent the concept of “functionality” accompanying women, who are increasingly busy, in their daily lives. Therefore, among the most sought-after models we will certainly find the shopper bags that are characterized by being very capacious, resistant and comfortable to use. At the same time, the inevitable handbags stand out, boasting a simple and linear design, a considerable capacity and modern comfort in step with the times. A special mention goes to backpack bags, increasingly present in the female universe and able to offer superior comfort and unprecedented organization of pockets and spaces. What all these types of women’s bags have in common for 2021 is a specific desire to offer accessories that are retro in design but modern in shape and materials used. The use of deliberately worn leathers or colors that recall a vintage world comes from a taste that has deep roots in the past and that has managed to re-emerge strongly in new trends.

Let’s see in more detail the new fashion trends and how they have influenced the women’s bag collections for 2021.

Shopper Bags – 2021 Collection





The Shopper bags have always been inevitable companions for busy women who have specific and varied needs. They stand out for their essential lines and for their capacity that can hold various objects including documents and workbooks without having to fold them. Their main feature is that of being slightly squared and equipped with two handles that make it portable either by hand or on the shoulder. VivelaDifference offers a new collection of women’s shopper bags to give a vintage touch and retro to any outfit without neglecting comfort and functionality. The materials are top quality, handcrafted and deliberately made worn and patinated for an elegance and a particular style that certainly does not go unnoticed. All VivelaDifference Shopper bags are in selected calfskin and embellished with leather trims on the handle attachments. In addition, they are particularly spacious and organized thanks to the presence of internal and external pockets with zip that help save time when you need to look for something specific in the bag.




Handbags – 2021 Collection






Handbags are ideal for women who need organization and, at the same time, want to embellish their look. VivelaDifference proposes a new line of women’s handbags for the 2021 collection that boasts unique materials and details blending in the best way with the need for a retro style but at the same time modern and in step with the times. VivelaDifference handbags are capacious, spacious and rich in details important such as internal and external zip pockets as well as a handy cell phone pocket. The whole is completed by the adjustable genuine leather shoulder straps and the deliberately vintage final design. All handbags from the 2021 collection are also available in different variants of modern, rare and refined colors that make the final accessory a unique product of its kind capable of standing out and enhancing itself in the midst of the multitude.




Pochette and Clutch – 2021 Collection

Clutches are small bags, typically used for important occasions or for evening outings, which allow you to carry in a small space everything you need to look your best during events, ceremonies, dinners or parties. The collection of VivelaDifference Clutch Bags for 2021 offers elegant, compact and geometric accessories classic and modern and new materials. Finished in the smallest detail, they boast unique seams and refined and never banal colors. Ideal for combining a sober and classic style with a refinement of shapes, the VivelaDifference clutch bags boast magnetic closures, neat pockets with zip closures and, where present, adjustable shoulder straps for maximum comfort.  Bags-clutches-new-trends-2021

VivelaDifference therefore proposes a collection of women’s bags for 2021 able both to follow the most refined tastes and styles and to highlight the personality and look of any woman who wants a unique, handcrafted and sophisticated accessory. All VivelaDifference women’s bags are produced in Italy with traditional handmade production methods without neglecting a modern design and materials treated with the latest leather processing techniques. Discover the entire collection of 2021 women’s bags online, find your model and shop online!